Darren Hall Metro Mayor

Darren Hall - Green Party candidate for West of England Metro Mayor

For a better future

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What is a Metro-Mayor?

The new "Metro-Mayor" will chair of the West of England Combined Authority and exercise the government powers across Bristol, Bath & South Gloucestershire for: 

  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Economic Investment
  • Adult Education

Why vote for Darren Hall?

A vote for Darren is a vote for:

  • A better affordable home
  • A better cleaner transport system
  • A better thought-out education solution
  • A better people-first economic plan
  • A better stronger link with Europe

A vote for Darren is a vote for a successful team. Darren gained one of the largest swings in UK history. Vote for a team that delivers, not just appear at election time!


Help me turn the West of England Green


About Darren

Darren is 48 years old and lives with his wife Charley, a criminal barrister, and their rescue springer spaniel Zara in Cleeve, North Somerset.


  • Grew up in Gloucestershire and went to Bristol Grammar School Sixth Form
  • 2.1 BEng Mechanical Engineering from Swansea University
  • Royal Air Force Engineering Officer (1990 - 96)
  • British Aerospace Project Manager (1996 - 2001)
  • MBA Open University 2001
  • Home Office (2001-10)
  • Manager Bristol Green Capital Partnership (2010 - 14) 
  • Freelance consultant (2014 to date)
Darren and Charley