Darren Hall rejects Bath Tory’s ‘Clueless’ Park and Ride Scheme

Darren Hall, the Green Party candidate for the forthcoming Metro-Mayoral Elections has called for BaNES Council to abandon the Conservative proposal for a park-and-ride.

The Council’s Conservative cabinet will make a decision between two sites: Site B to the west of Mill Lane, and Site F, to the East, on Wednesday 25th January.

Site F is currently the Council’s preferred option. This involves purchasing and severely affecting the business of New Leaf Farm at a staggering cost of £17.5 million. Which, unless constantly filled with 1,200 parking spaces for out of town visitors, will leave an annual subsidy cost of £115,000 for Bath’s taxpayers.

The Council’s own report acknowledges the scheme will do nothing to reduce Bath’s chronic city-centre air-pollution problem, and will only aim to maintain the problem at present, unacceptable, levels.

Darren Hall, the Green Party candidate for West of England Metro Mayor has said “At long last, BaNES Council has finally listened to residents and realised Bath has a congestion and air pollution problem. Now they seem determined to force through a half-baked response that seems, frankly, clueless.”

“Trying to solve the congestion problem by bulldozing green spaces to build more carparks is a strategy doomed to failure. Residents don’t want it, motorists don’t want it, campaign groups don’t want it. Air pollution is killing 30,000 people per year in this country. What we need is fast, clean, efficient public transport.”

Eleanor Field, the Green Party candidate to be Bath’s next MP, said “These plans show a complete disregard for protecting our precious local landscape, the Bathampton neighbourhood, and the residents of Bath. This costly Park and Ride will not help fix the issue of congestion or air pollution in Bath.”

“Action on air pollution has been sorely lacking, and this goes no way in helping to fix the dirty air that our residents breathe. These short-sighted plans show that the Conservatives have no interest in listening to their constituents.”